The Workout

What is AeroSkip?

The concept of AeroSkip is as straight forward as it sounds, an exciting exercise routine which incorporates aerobic style moves inside a purposely designed lightweight and highly versatile Speedrope.

AeroSkip is an aerobic skipping workout routine that will help you lose weight, vastly improve your fitness level and greatly enhance  your co-ordination skills unlike traditional skip / jumprope routines. Aeroskip provides an all body and cardiovascular workout, demanding agility, skill and hand-eye co-ordination. AeroSkip is performed to music and offers a near endless variety routines and techniques. Not only that but it is also the BEST CALORIE BURNER OF ANY EXERCISE!

The best calorie burner, is this true?

FACT, just 10 minutes AeroSkip will burn approximately the same amount of calories as 50-60 minutes of jogging. For those of us who have hectic lifestyles are well aware that fitting in their exercise is always a struggle -so this is great news.

Take your AeroSkip Speedrope on holidays, just 10 minutes each day will ensure that you will stay looking fabulous on the beach!.

But surely if it’s the best, you’ll need really expensive equipment to achieve your results?

No – all you need is the correct piece of sports equipment – namely our AeroSkip Gold Speedrope and of course the knowledge of what to do with it through our AeroSkip Workout DVD. 

The Top Thirteen Benefits of AeroSkip

  1. Simple to learn
  2. Low cost (all you need is the AeroSkip Gold Speedrope)
  3. Increased fitness
  4. Maximised fun and safe exercise for fitness professionals and all
    the family
  5. Great workout routines shown through our DVD and Video
  6. Burns calories and greatly enhanced weight loss
  7. Improved strength and endurance
  8. Strengthens bones
  9. Can be performed both in and outdoors
  10. Dramatically improves coordination and agility
  11. Relieves Stress
  12. Can be done almost anywhere even on holiday!
  13. Increased speed / acceleration – because of the plyometric effect (short sharp bursts).

Who can do Aeroskip?

If you can do a basic skip, then you can AeroSkip. AeroSkip really is open to anyone of all ages and fitness levels. It is never too late to feel the benefits of AeroSkip. All you need is the Aeroskip Speedrope and the knowledge of what to do with i.t

Where can I do AeroSkip?

That’s the beauty of AeroSkip, it can be performed at home, outside, at your local gym or even when you are on holidays. That is the beauty of AeroSkip, it is totally portable. All you need is your AeroSkip Gold SpeedRope and you are set to go.

Sounds great, how do I get started?


Burn those Calories!

“With AeroSkip you can burn calories much faster than any other exercise ( up to 350 kcal per 30 minutes session). Because AeroSkip workout has its unique mix of high and low moves it always insures that your heart rate is staying within its fat burning zone  known as the Target Heart Rate Zone.”

Dr Gavin Lindsay M.D

Aeroskip is good for you

Professional boxers, who are some of the best-conditioned athletes in the world, will agree that skipping provides an all round body and cardiovascular workout, demanding agility, skill and hand-eye co-ordination.

Skipping is good for you, there are a great number of health benefits including:

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness and increased local muscular endurance – this improves your stamina and strength
  • Improved body conditioning
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Lose weight
  • Improved coordination
  • Stronger bones
  • Better timing and rhythm
  • Improved balance
  • Improved agility

Lower Blood pressure …… exercise with an Aeroskip Speedrope

Also regular exercise with a skipping rope can help reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Feel great and be confident

Nothing boosts confidence like feeling fit and looking good. AeroSkip does exactly that, once you start to see and feel the benefits there will be no stopping you!.

Equipment to get you started

Getting started is easy. All you need is the correct piece of sports equipment – namely our AeroSkip Gold Speedrope and of course the knowledge of what to do with it through our AeroSkip Workout DVD .

It is also a good idea to have a good pair of cross-trainers, wear comfortable clothing and have a some water nearby incase you get dehydrated.

Are you ready? Let’s begin…

Adjusting your Speedrope

It is important to get your AeroSkip Speedrope just right for your height to ensure you get the best workout possible.

  • To adjust the AeroSkip Speedrope stand with both feet together on the center of the rope, standing upright, hold the rope handles to their maximum extension height (one handle in each hand).
  • Rope handles should be approximately 1-2 inches below your arm pits, or in line with your chest.
  • If the rope is too long then shorten by tying the required amount of knots, under the rope handles, balancing the knots at each side.
  • Do not tie knots on the part of the rope that actually hits the ground or inside the handles.

The Correct Posture for AeroSkip


It is important to skip with the correct posture in mind. Put your feet together, knees soft, back straight, elbows tucked in, hands at waist level. Begin to skip by rotating your wrist in a circular motion. It is important that you do not use your forearm to spin the rope around.

Jump Height

It is also important to have the correct jump height. If you jump too high you will be applying unnecessary strain to your lower joints. Try to aim for a jump height of around two inches.

Arm Position

Keep elbows tucked in at waist level, hands are roughly at hip level ( but not glued there!). Hands should always stay in this position whilst actually skipping (wrist action only in a circular motion).

Skipping Motion

Skip reasonably fast so you do not get the rope caught under your feet

Keep the skipping rope tight and close to your head.

Learning to Aeroskip

If you haven’t skipped for a long time, start by practicing your timing – hold both handles of the rope in one hand and rotate it in a circular movement to your side.

When the rope hits the floor, jump. Keep your jumps small to keep impact on your knees and ankles to a minimum – you only need to raise your feet about an inch off the ground. Progress to jumping over the rope once you are confident your timing is correct.

Remember, skipping is a strenuous exercise so start slowly. Try skipping for 20-30 seconds, marching on the spot for 30 seconds, repeat. As your fitness improves you can increase the time you skip for.

Now you are ready to learn a few of the advanced moves, click here to visit our advanced move section