Low Impact Moves

Side Swings

To start with hold the both rope handles in one hand.

Begin by swinging the rope in a figure 8 shape.

If your left hand is doing all the work, this is your ‘master’ hand – therefore the right hand operates as a pivot. Start practising the swing.

When you have got the hang of the swing, take a handle in each hand, remembering the ‘master’ hand still takes the rope into a figure 8, Start Side Swinging.


Once you are comfortable with the Side Swing begin to march on the spot at the same time.


Lunges are a great low impact exercise and can be done during a Side Swing. Simply lunge forward on one knee for two counts or do two rotations of the Side Swing,

After two counts lunge forward on the alternate foot.

Things to watch out for

Always ensure that the front knee never goes beyond the toes.


‘Aeroskip – Advanced Moves’

Side Swing Travel & Lunges

‘Aeroskip – Advanced Moves’