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Say hello to Skip, the amazing rapping kangaroo. Go on then skip, lets hear your rap…

“Hey kids, have you heard about AeroSkip?,You gotta jump a rope but you can’t trip, You gotta bust-a-move, Boogie to the groove, It’s the number one way to get fit!

Very good skip, (BOY does he need practise!!! )



Have you ever tried counting how many skips you can do in one go?. Not only is it a great challenge but it’s also a good way to practice your technique. Go on have a go!.

(Skip the kangaroo says he can do over 200, but only if no one is looking at him…umm… a bit suspicious if you ask me!!!)

Junior AeroSkip Basics

AeroSkip is great fun, but before we can begin we have to practice our basic skipping technique!.

Only then can we begin to AeroSkip… Alright Gang, lets begin

1. If you haven’t skipped for a long time, start by practicing your timing – hold both handles of the rope in one hand and rotate it in a circular movement to your side.

2. When the rope hits the floor, jump. Keep your jumps small to keep impact on your knees and ankles to a minimum – you only need to raise your feet about a 10cm off the ground.

3. Progress to jumping over the rope once you are confident your timing is correct. Remember, skipping is a strenuous exercise so start slowly!

4. Try skipping for 20-30 seconds to start with. As your fitness improves you can increase the time you skip for.

Single Foot Bounce

Very similar to the double foot bounce except that when one foot is flat on the ground the other is up on your toes, therefore the motion is like a pedal boat action.

Remember that your foot is only ever 10 cm off the ground!.

Take time to practice these moves before progressing further!

Double Foot Bounce

There are two basic techniques to master. First off is the Double Foot Bounce.

Keep your feet together, knees soft. Hands at waist level, Elbows tucked in also at waist level and jump the rope.

Simple really…

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The amazing Junior AeroSkip Speedrope, is the most advanced skipping rope of its kind. It will outperform and outlast any other rope, anywhere!.

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The Junior AeroSkip Speedrope works just as well on any surface including concrete, tar, indoors, outdoors and even grass!

This sensational and colourful Junior Speedrope utilises exactly the same technology and materials that we use for the Pro Gold adult version.

The rope comes in a range of colours so you can get one to suit your needs,.

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Helping Parents Keep Kids Healthy

Around the globe, parents are becoming more worried about their kids stagnant unhealthy lifestyles. Too much time is spent in front of the television or on games consoles, leading problems such as child obesity. That’s why the Junior AeroSkip programme was developed, as a way to reverse this trend and as a fun way to get kids back into exercise, encourage fitness and promote its importance.

Benefits of skipping on your kids

  • Skipping helps with coordination, cooperation, concentration and communication skills
  • It is an excellent form of ‘brain gym’, which is well recognised in educational settings as a way of increasing children’s ability to learn.
  • AeroSkip burns more calories than any other exercise, helping combat the children’s obesity epidemic
  • AeroSkip is a fun way to exercise with friends and improves playground behavior and social skills
  • AeroSkip is great for children’s confidence as they learn new techniques, tricks and get in shape
  • Skipping is athletic, aerobic and gymnastic and is a great all over body workout.
  • AeroSkip improves your kids stamina, endurance and flexibility.
  • AeroSkip helps give kids stronger bones

AeroSkip is a fun activity which is accessible to children of all ages and of both genders. Other great benefits to AeroSkip include that it can be done almost anywhere, is extremely portable and is a very cost effective form of exercise.