Hopes of Glory

US Athlete Shows The Power Of The Human Spirit

A story came to us this week that on the face of it seemed like a simple rope replacement, unusual but something we occasionally come across. Being the best Speedrope in the world our athletes use our product hard. However, upon delving deeper into the details and a few emails back and forth discussing the details and obtaining further information it turns out to be one of the best stories we have come across in a long time. One which I feel should be shared.

The man who contacted us was Jim Santangelo a BMX rider from Michigan who was a multiple State champion and informed us due to an unfortunate accident involving getting caught in his BMX chain over a set of trial doubles, he went in for the move and hit the second of the doubles head first and broke his neck and with a serious spinal cord injury he was in a wheelchair. Story over and job done, correct? Wrong!

Jim went through a grueling rehab and not only managed to get up and walking but amazingly started training all over again after being able to get up out of the chair that most would have resigned themselves to. In 1997 (16 years ago) he went out to a sports store and picked up our AeroSkip Gold Speedrope and started using what he says “is the best thing he has ever used” and “he would never let one of his friends buy anything different” .

Jim now holds 3 silver medals in road and mountain biking disciplines. and was on the short list for the 2012 Olympic squad, time for Jim to have a rest? No, not quite yet. Now he has has switched disciplines and is now in training for the 2014 Winter Paralympics as part of the Nordic Ski Team.

Jim gives a huge amount of credit to the low impact and high cardiovascular workout we offer at AeroSkip and says that “the rope has taken me a million miles” and the new one “will take me a million more” you can no doubt work out by now the type of person Jim is not only from his own story but by giving so much credit to others. Jim thanks us and I am sure others for getting back on top and overcoming the cards he was dealt. From here we would say to Jim that he was always on top and it is endorsements from world leading athletes from all disciplines and walks of life that has made AeroSkip what it is today

We are incredibly proud to have Jim as part of our AeroSkip family and would like to wish him all the luck and help we can in his adventure into the snow in 2014. I have a feeling that he isnʼt someone to let a little cold weather bother him. We will be following Jimʼs progress and we hope that you all do also. We are very proud to be a part of his training program here at AeroSkip.

Anyone reading this and still feel a little to tired to pick up their rope and train today still? The human body may not be unbreakable, however the human spirit that can drive us all forward can be stronger than anything that this world can throw at it. Whilst Jim is thanking us for our product, it is actually us that is thanking him. So thank-you Jim you have made this company very proud of a goal we set out to achieve from the start.

To be ʻThe Choice of Championsʼ