High Impact Moves


Start with double foot bounce and when your ready spread your feet apart about shoulder width, then bring your feet back together between each interval. Make the jumps fairly small to start with.


As you get more confident spread your feet wider apart.

Cross Overs

A real classic move, but it takes some practice. Cross the rope in front of your body on the first jump and uncross the rope on the second.

Things to watch out for

Try not to get frustrated with this one. Go slow, it’s a tough move.

Cross Point

‘Aeroskip – Advanced Moves’

Reverse Arms

‘Aeroskip – Advanced Moves’

Toe Taps

From the Double Foot Bounce position bring one toe forward. Alternate between the left and right foot.

Things to watch out for

Be careful the step doesn’t turn into the Can Can.

Toe Taps – Front Together Back Together

‘Aeroskip – Advanced Moves’

Thread The Needle

‘Aeroskip – Advanced Moves’