Basic Moves

Double Foot Bounce


Put your feet together, knees soft, back straight, elbows tucked in, hands at waist level. Begin to skip by rotating your wrist in a circular motion. It is important that you do not use your forearm to spin the rope around.

Jump Height

Try to aim for a jump height of around two inches.

Arm Position

Keep elbows tucked in at waist level, hands are roughly at hip level ( but not glued there!). Hands should always stay in this position whilst actually skipping (wrist action only in a circular motion).

Skipping Motion

Skip reasonably fast so you do not get the rope caught under your feet and keep the skipping rope tight and close to your head.

Single Foot Bounce

Move description:

Very similar to the double foot bounce except that when own foot is flat on the ground the other is up on your toes, therefore the motion is like a pedal boat action.

Jump Height

Always remember that your feet are only ever off the ground for approximate 2 inches at any one given time, thus allowing you to conserve energy and reduce impact.