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  • Formal introduction – lecture and discussion
  • Health benefits derived from AeroSkip
  • Basic AeroSkip techniques
  • Correct use of sports equipment
  • Structure and practicalities of running an AeroSkip class
  • Class format
  • Warm up / stretch
  • AeroSkip routine
  • Basic class format
  • Intermediate class format
  • Advanced Format / Choreography
  • Informal discussion
  • AeroSkip instructor certificate


AeroSkip has one of the largest certified instructor networks in the world and would like to invite you to take to become one.

To become a certified instructor you must complete our “AeroSkip Instructor Training Workshop Programme”.

Completion of this highly intensive 1 day course will give you a firm grounding in this ‘Next Generation of Aerobic Exercise’ and will enable you to commence immediate AeroSkip classes that are run in a completely recognisable and traditional, aerobic class format.

“Discover a World of Opportunity – Discover the Next Generation of aerobic exercise Discover AeroSkip”