About Us

Aeroskip Limited was formed in Edinburgh some 22 years ago. The company was set up initially to make films on our original Aerobic Skipping (AeroSkip) Fitness concept; this went to the High Street Retail Market and was featured heavily on national television particularly throughout the U.K. The success of this Fitness concept and the Film led to the company developing it’s own professional skipping rope, which has been rated as ‘The Best Skipping Rope in the World’ for the last 10 years and has sold in the region of eight million units worldwide.

Aeroskip products have gone from strength to strength and have been linked with the likes of PUMA, REEBOK and NORDIKTRACK in many countries including the U.S.A., Canada & United Kingdom. Innovation in approach has always been Aeroskip’s Trade Mark and some years ago we developed The First Pro Skipping Rope, anywhere in the World, specifically aimed at children, namely our Jnr. Aeroskip Speedrope.

Alongside this our creative team developed a ‘Kids’ character ‘SKIP’ the cool kangaroo which has wowed kids and adults alike, with live shows and his Aeroskip demonstration team, this includes a highly successful Scottish Government pilot programme ‘Fighting Obesity’ so SKIP isn’t just cute and cool, but he’s actually good for you .. a Character with something Really Different.